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The Beauty of Variegated Hostas!

Loading... Loading... Choosing and designing with variegated hostas. With so many colors, sizes and shapes to choose from in variegated hostas, how do you choose what will work best in your perennial garden? SunsetHostaFarm.com

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Slugs and Hostas

Loading... Loading... Try some of the best slug-resistant hostas for your perennial garden. Here are some great recommendations and ideas for preventing slugs and keeping them off your hostas!

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Top Ten Hostas to Brighten Up Your Shade Garden

Loading... Loading... Hostas are known best as shade plants but there are many bright colored hostas that can really lighten up a shady or part sun garden. Hostas continue to be a popular perennials for its easy of care, and the sheer beauty of its leaves. Sunset Hosta Farm.com

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